If you need a thunder-speed data transfer, the more you should try out strontium memory card that would show you the real power of speed. With an improvement of transfer speed of 10Mb/s, you will be amazed that the data transfer is complete with a blink of your eyes. It can store higher definition of videos, higher resolution of photos and you don’t have to worry about losing your precious data.

strontium memory card

Strontium memory card:

Short Version:
1. Probably cheapest class-10 memory card among all the player.
2. Half the Read-Rate (19MB/s vs 44MB/s) compared to other class-10 memory cards, but the cheap price makes up for that, hence 5 stars.
3. Comparable Write-Rate to other class-10 memory cards.

Should you buy it?
Only if you want a cheap class-10 memory card. It has good writing speed, its recommended for CCTV camera, DVRs, Camera.
Not recommended for mobile phone since lower read-rate may affect song playback and running apps from memory card.
Do check the price of Strontium Nitro since that is also cheap with twice the Reading speed.

I bought 5 Different UHS-I Class 10 Memory Cards from Amazon.
Benchmark Results (Simplified average speed), Hardware – MacBook Air:

Made in: Korea
Read: 44.0 MB/s
Write: 24.0 MB/s

Made in: China
Read: 44.0 MB/s
Write: 20.3 MB/s

Strontium Nitro
Made in: Not Printed
Read: 84.6 MB/s (Very-High Read rate)
Write: 14.4 MB/s (Slow Write rate)

Made in: Philippines
Read: 44.1 MB/s
Write: 13.8 MB/s (Slow Write rate)

Made in: Taiwan
Read: 22.5 MB/s (Slow Read rate)
Write: 19.7 MB/s

Key Feature:-

  • Supports SD system specification version 2.0
  • Supports SD SPI mode
  • Card capacity of non-secure area, secure area supports specifications
  • Convertible to full SD card size with an adapter (optional)
  • Guarantees minimum data transmission of 6MB/s
  • Default mode : variable clock rate 0-25MHz, up to 6MB/sec interface speed
  • High-speed mode : variable clock rate 0-50MHz, up to 10MB/sec interface speed

How TO GET :-

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