Always keep a solid Intex 12500 mah Powerbank to recharge your mobile at any point in time.

Intex 12500 mah Powerbank

Intex 12500 mah Powerbank Key Feature:-

Good product..I recommend to all.

Light weight and good looking compare to other product.

1.Took little more time to get recharge as it is 12500 mAh capacity battery included.
2. When charged can quickly restore your phone at least four times even more.(2200mAh)
3. Fast charging compares to others.
4. Battery doesn’t get drained while ideal.
5. You can recharge three mobile at a time.

Capacity:- 12500mAh, Life Cycle greater than 500 times, USB ports 3 nos, Plug and Play, Built-in Battery, Product designed for Mobile, MP3/MP4, Digicam, Micro USB cable as an accessory.

Recently, some of the latest power banks have started hitting the headlines for their apparent ability to charge your phone in five minutes. It sounds preposterous because it is.

What these power banks can do is refill their batteries sufficiently within five minutes that they can then fully charge your phone (which is still awesome, but not quite as impressive as how you first read that news). How quickly they can supply that power to your phone depends firstly on how much power they can output, and secondly how much power your phone can accept.

The input rating is essential when it comes to recharging the power bank – the higher is this figure, the more quickly it will charge. You’ll usually see a number in Amps, for instance, 1A.

The output rating refers to how quickly a power bank will charge your devices. In most cases, you’ll find 1A (5W), 2A (10W) and often even 2.5A (12.5W) outputs, the former intended for smartphones and the latter two for tablets or for fast-charging phones that support the feature. (This is not the same as the quick charging feature supported by newer phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S6.) You can use either output to charge any USB device.


How TO GET:-

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