Price: Rs.695/-
Sale: Rs.199/-…B00I4KRNDK

The Greener Cleaner high performance, environmentally friendly Premium Utility Brush with durable brush fibres is extremely versatile and a great way to clean all types of Kitchenware including Glass, Ceramic & Plastics. The dual use, small precision brush is perfect for tough dirt in hard-to-reach places. Made from 100% wood pulp and recycled plastic using our patented eco-wood-blend technology. Dishwasher safe. Hang hole for convenient storage. 

Product Performance
¥ Removes dirt, grease and stuck on marks all over the kitchen and kitchenware 
¥ Ergonomic design for comfortable, performance cleaning 
¥ Dual purpose brushes for hard-to-reach areas 
¥ Dishwasher safe to 120¡C Eco-Credentials
¥ Patented wood blend technology Ñ Handle and grip 
¥ 100% Recycled Materials ¥ Sustainable wood and Recycled PP (Polypropylene) blend 
¥ Kinder to the environment Ñ using waste resources
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