Price: 385.00
Sale: 99.00

The Sandwich Guard fits most common sandwich bread sizes – and as a bonus it can double as a plate.
The active hinge ensures you will never lose the lid. Easy to Open & Close, designed with Kids in mind.
Made of polypropylene which is a BPA free material – 100% Food Grade
Sturdy carry case for Sandwiches
Microwave Safe, Dishwasher safe

[Image: Primeway_Silo_Perfect_Sandwich_Keeper.jpg]

The Original Sandwich Protector – No more Squished Sandwiches ! Are you tired of misshapen soggy bread and your sandwich filling ending up squished against the cling film then get yourself a Sandwich Guard. No more squished sarnies and no more plastic sandwich bags going to landfill. Protect your sandwich and enjoy the best time of the day, lunchtime. Our unique, patented device allows for the safe transport and storage of Sandwiches letting you enjoy perfect a perfect sandwich anytime, anywhere. Transport your mid-morning snack to work or school, Gym, Hiking, Cycling, Camping, On a Picnic, To the Beach without it looking as if it’s gone five rounds in a boxing ring! And also Protect your sandwiches without environmentally unfriendly plastic wrap ! This innovative sandwich container will prevent damage to your sandwich.

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