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Rajpal Pocket Hindi English Dictionary by Hardev Bahri can be best regarded as an effective vocabulary guide, particularly for students. Including more than 20,000 commonly used words, the book can help the users to learn more words as well as their meanings. What makes the dictionary distinct is its engaging pattern, that gets the user familiarised with new words and thus incorporate them into their daily conversation.

Presented in a bilingual manner, the Rajpal Pocket Hindi English Dictionary is characterised by Hindi words and their English translations. Also, the pronunciation patterns are also included for each word in the dictionary. The book can also be considered as a thesaurus, hugely owing to the large number of synonyms and antonyms provided for each specific word. Offered in the pocket size, the dictionary is ideal for usage in both schools as well as offices.

The dictionary also is characterised by detailed appendices that introduce various commonly-used abbreviations. Also, there are accounts on parts of speech and other basic syntaxes of grammar. Further, the meaning of a single word in different contexts is highlighted with examples. Published in 2012 by Penguin Books Ltd, the book is available as paperback.

Key Features:
   The dictionary is widely recommended as a book that is useful for students, teachers, and other Hindi learners.
   Concise, yet comprehensive, the dictionary is rich with common words and usages that a beginner would need to know.