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Hair removal is an inconvenient beauty ritual. If you are frustrated from spending a lot of cash at the salon to get waxed, maybe it’s time you invested in an epilator. This Philips epilator is designed to remove hair from your body with minimal fuss.
Long Lasting Results
For waxing, your hair needs to grow a certain length to be removed. But this epilator can extract hair as short as 0.5mm length, making it up to 4x times better than waxing and giving you a smooth and silky skin.
Easy Hair Removal
This trimmer has ceramic tweezers with unique ridges that lift up all the flat-lying hair and remove them in one single stroke.
Ergonomic Grip
This epilator has a rounded shape that fits in your hand comfortable to ensure that you have a smooth epilating experience.
How to Epilate?
Even if you are using an epilator for the first time, this Philips epilator with its easy-to-use design ensures that you have a smooth epilation experience. Simply hold the device at 90 degrees angle against the hair growth and gently glide it over the growth area. The epilation tweezers in the device will grab and pull out the hair, resulting in a lost-lasting smooth skin.
Sensitive Area Cap
If you have sensitive skin, then this device is ideal as it has been specifically designed to be used on sensitive skin. It comes with a cap that covers the outer epilator discs, ensuring a more gentle epilation in sensitive areas.
Washable Epilation Head
Once you are done epilating, you can remove the detachable epilation head and wash it under a running tap to clean it. This ensures hygiene and long-lasting performance.
Two Speed Settings
This device comes with two speed settings – one for normal hair removal and the other extra speed setting for removing thin hair and hair from hard-to-reach areas.
Cleaning Brush
A small cleaning brush is provided with the set that allows you to remove loose and tiny hair from the epilating discs.