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The Desi Cardboard Version 1.0 turns your phone into an immersive VR engine.

Phone compatibility
This will work with most of the Android and iOS phones running Android 4.1 or above and iOS 7 or above smaller than 5.5 inches.

Fully compatible Android Phones
✔ Google Nexus 4 and 5
✔ Motorola Moto X
✔ Xiaomi MI/ MI2 and MI3
✔ Xiaomi Redmi Note
✔ Oneplus one
✔ Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 and S6
✔ Samsung Galaxy Nexus
✔ HTC One M8 and M9
✔ LG G2 and more!

Partially compatible Android Phones
✔ Samsung Galaxy S3 (magnetic input not working & some headtracking/rendering issues)
✔ Micromax Yureka (magnetic input doesn’t work)
✔ Micromax Yuphoria (magnetic input doesn’t work)
✔ All Sony phones (magnetic input doesn’t work)

Compatible iOS Phones
✔ iphone 6 plus (magnetic input doesn’t work)
✔ iPhone 6 (magnetic input doesn’t work)
✔ iPhone 5 (magnetic input doesn’t work and it’s not the best choice because of the small screen size)

What is included in
✔ Pre-cut cardboard, quick assembly
✔ Magnets – Ceramic
✔ Lenses – 30mm diameter asymmetrical 65mm focal length
✔ Velcro strips
✔ Rubber Band