A fitness wearable can easily produce a meaningless stream of data. Based on your activities, you’d probably be able to tell whether you need to get more sleep or more exercise. Now get 63% discount on GOQii best fitness band in india.

best fitness band in india

Best fitness band in india:

The build quality of the Goqii band is quite good. It never caused any skin irritation or discomfort and many times we forgot that we were wearing it. We even wore it while taking a shower and it continued to work without any issues. You shouldn’t swim with the band, though, as it is not waterproof. The capsule that houses the display slides neatly into the band and we never felt that it was going to pop out. However, the buckle isn’t as secure and every few days we found that it had unclasped itself. Luckily we spotted this in time or we’d have lost the band in crowded trains.

The band doesn’t have automatic sleep tracking, instead relying on you to activate and deactivate sleep mode each night and morning. We’re certain that most people will not remember to keep doing this every day, so we’d like to see it change in future iterations of the band. There are also features such as inactivity alerts and alarms, but none of these worked for us. However we tried the same features using a colleague’s personal band and they worked as expected, so we’re chalking this behaviour up to an issue with our review unit.

Key Feature:-

  • You get a qualified personal coach to review your data and to guide you to achieve your health goals
  • The Advanced fitness tracker will track your daily Steps, Calories burned, Distance covered, Active hours, Sleep pattern, Kama points earned
  • More than a fitness tracker, GOQii is a complete ecosystem to live healthier and fitter lifestyle
  • Connects wirelessly to your smartphone
  • Compatible with most ios and android smartphones

How TO GET :-

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