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MRP: Rs.701/-
Offer Price: Rs.232/-

Durable, heavy duty PVC tubing.
* Small size chest piece.
* Light weight aluminium coated chest piece.
* Soft sealing ear knobs.
* High sound sensitivity.

Healthgenie Dual Child Pediatric AL Grey (HG-206G)

Healthgenie Dual Pediatric Stethoscope 206 is made of durable material which is of reliable quality. It is specially designed for pediatricians. The chest piece is small in size and made from light-weighted aluminium. The soft ear knobs ensure your comfort and safety as it prevents any harm to the ear drums. It is ideal for personal use too, since you can keep a check on your child’s health. It is more sound sensitive than other stethoscopes. The international design ensures comfort for both doctor and patient, even after an extended use. Light weight aluminium and brass chrome plated open spring frame eliminates any worries about endurance and long-life. It is durable and the heavy duty PVC coating protects it from any outside damage. It is available in two colors, from which you can choose from. It is light weight and compact and so, it is easy to carry or hang around the neck.

Warranty: Healthgenie offers a 1 year warranty. You need to login or sign up at Healthgenie’s website and create an account to activate your warranty period. This should be done within 30 days of your purchase.