With the iAccy micro best usb otg cable, you no longer need to be reliant on your laptop or PC to transfer data from your On-The-Go Technology enabled mobile phones or tablets to other devices.

best usb otg cable

best usb otg cable:

Devices such as external HDD and others which require higher power to operate will need external power source. Some devices may not function as desired due to limitations set by the manufacturer of the device and phone. Comes with 30 days unconditional replacement warranty. Please check if your phone is compatible with otg cable before buying.

The way this iAccy micro USB OTG cable black works is very simple. Any portable device such as a mobile phone acts as a host allowing a keyboard, camera, printer or almost any portable device to attach itself to it and initiate communication. This cable is made from high-quality material and is extremely durable, thus you do not need to worry about a break in the cable.

The best part about this device is that it is compact and takes up the least amount of space enabling you to fit it in a purse or bag. So now you can transfer your files on-the-go with the help of the iAccy Micro USB OTG Cable for tablets and mobiles.

This OTG cable is very good in it’s build quality, recommended for phones which has no expandable memory, now no need to connect phone to a PC for backup , I’m using it in my One plus One to backup data OTG…

Key Feature:-

  • Compatible with all: Hard drvies,flash pressure, Keyboard, Mouse, all mobiles: MI3 and Oneplus One , samsung mobiles and the OTG works perfectly fine with all the devices.

How TO GET :-

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