Babies are very delicate and so you must be careful that they do not end up hurting themselves. The Johnson’s Baby Tooth Brush has been designed keeping in mind the fragile gums of a little baby. New mothers are often nervous about the baby’s oral hygiene, but with this Johnson’s product you can rest in peace. The baby toothbrush is extremely soft on a little one’s gum. It has super soft bristles to suit the delicate gums of babies. But while brushing the baby’s teeth, the parent must be extra careful not to vigorously rub the bristles against the gums as that might hurt the cherubim. The Johnson’s Baby Tooth Brush is made with ultra-soft TYNEX bristles to cut down on chances of bleeding gums.

The Johnson’s brush is very light and easily manageable. It has broad holding area for the ease of the mothers. The brush can be used for babies between 1 to 5 years of age that is once the kid is old enough to hold the brush or has at least grown a few teeth. The brush has a flexible neck to ensure swift and easy movement of the brush inside the baby’s mouth. Often babies tend to behave difficult and shrug the rigours of brushing their teeth, the flexible head helps during those times when the child refuses to open his or her mouth properly. These brushes are available in vibrant colours to attract the baby. It also has a special thumb groove to ensure that the brush doesn’t slip out of the baby’s hand and brush and hurt him or her.