● Heavy Gauge Construction.
● Large Comfortable Foam Leg Rolls
● Continuous Loop Cable System
● Space Saving.
● Quality Weight Stacks.
● Perfect Angles for Accurate Workouts to provide Stress on Desired Muscle Group
● Easily Operate able Weight Stacks
● Quality Product, Adjustable seats
● Dimensions when assembled:Height : 80 inches Width : 25 inches Length: 46 inches

Seated Bench Press, Butterfly (Pac-Deck), Lot Pull Back, Lot Pull Front, Bentover Pulley, Leg Extensions 
Leg Curl (Single Leg), Triceps Extensions, Preacher Curl, Forearm Curl, Military Press, Bear Deltoids

Comes boxed pack, need to assemble or get it assemble on your own, Most selling product in multi gym series


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