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  1. Asus Netbook (X200MA-KX237D) (Celeron Dual Core/2 GBDDR3/500GB/11.6 Inch/DOS) Rs. 2407 Cashback Rs. 16049 coupon: LAP15
  2. Asus (X200MA-KX424D) (Caleron Dual Core 4th Gen/2 GBDDR3/500 GB/11.6 Inch/D.. Rs. 2396 Cashback Rs. 15972 coupon: LAP15
  3. HP 13-C019TU Stream (K8T73PA) (Celeron Dual Core (4th Gen)/2 GB RAM/32 GB HDD/13.3 Inch/Windows 8.1) Rs. 2760 Cashback Rs. 18397 coupon: LAP15
  4. Asus (X553MA-XX516D) (Celeron Quad Core 4th Gen/2 GBDDR3 RAM/500 GB HDD/15.6 inch/DOS) Rs. 2850 Cashback Rs. 19000 coupon: LAP15
  5. Dell Inspiron 15 3541 Notebook (APU Dual Core E1/2 GB DDR3/500 GB/15.6 Inch/Windows 8.1) Rs. 3074 Cashback Rs. 20499 coupon: LAP15
  6. Lenovo Essential G50-45 (80E301CYIN) Laptop (APU Dual Core E1/2 GB DDR3L/500 GB/15.6 Inch/Windows 8.1) Rs. 2996 Cashback Rs. 19975 coupon: LAP15
  7. Dell Inspiron 3551 Notebook (Pentium Quad Core (4th Gen)/2 GB/500 GB/15.6 Inch/DOS) Rs. 2879 Cashback Rs. 19195 coupon: LAP15
  8. Acer Aspire E3-112M (NX.MSMSI.001) (Celeron Dual Core (4th Gen)/2 GB DDR3/500 GB/11.6 inch/Windows 8.1/) Rs. 3135 Cashback Rs. 20900 coupon: LAP15
  9. HP 15-R250TU Notebook (L2Z89PA) (Pentium Quad Core/ 4GB/ 500GB/ DOS) Rs. 3399 Cashback Rs. 22659 coupon: LAP15
  10. Dell Vostro 15 3558 Laptop (Celeron Dual Core (5th Gen)/4 GB DDR3L/500 GB/15.6 inch/Linux/Ubuntu) Rs. 3232 Cashback Rs. 21549 coupon: LAP15
  11. Lenovo B50-70 (59430829) (Pentium Dual Core (4th Gen)/2 GB/500 GB/15.6 Inch/Windows 8.1) Rs. 3668 Cashback Rs. 24457 coupon: LAP15
  12. HP 240 G3 (K1C59PA/L1D85PT) (4th Gen Core i3- 4GB RAM- 500GB-14 Inches- DOS) Rs. 3966 Cashback Rs. 26442 coupon: LAP15
  13. HP 15-af006AX (M9V38PA) Notebook (APU Quad Core A8/4 GB DDR3/500 GB/15.6 Inch/DOS/2 GB Graphics ) Rs. 4120 Cashback Rs. 27471 Coupon: LAP15
  14. Lenovo G50-80 (80L0006CIN) Laptop (Core i3 (4th Gen)/4 GB DDR3/1 TB/15.6 Inch/DOS) Rs. 3959 Cashback Rs. 26390 coupon: LAP15
  15. HP 15-ac042TU (M9U96PA) (Core i3 (4th Gen)/4 GB DDR3/ 1TB/15.6 Inch/ Free DOS) (With Textured Diamond Pattern) Rs. 4320 Cashback Rs. 28800 Coupon: LAP15
  16. Lenovo B4070 (59-433780) (Core i3 4th Gen/4 GB DDR3/500 GB HDD/14.1 Inch/Free DOS) Rs. 4346 Cashback Rs. 28974 coupon: LAP15
  17. Dell Inspiron 15-3543 (Core i3 (5th Gen)/4GB DDR3/1TB /15.6 Inch/Linux/Ubuntu) Rs. 4679 Cashback Rs. 31195 Coupon: LAP15
  18. Lenovo G50-70 (59-422423) Laptop (Core i3/4 GB DDR3L/1 TB/15.6 inch/Windows 8.1) Rs. 4800 Cashback Rs. 31999 Coupon: LAP15
  19. Lenovo G50-70 Notebook (59-436421) (4th Gen Intel Core i3\4GB RAM\500GB HDD\15.6\Windows 8.1\2GB Rs.5248 Casback Rs.34989 coupon GET15
  20. HP 15-ac072TX Portable Laptop (N4F44PA) (Core i3 (4th Gen)/4 GB DDR3L/1 TB HDD/15.6 Inch/2 GB Graph/Windows 8.1) Rs. 5501 Cashback Rs. 36670 coupon: LAP15
  21. Dell Inspiron 11 3148 (Core i3 (4th Gen) /4 GB /500 GB /11.6 inch /Windows 8.1 ) Rs. 5467 Cashback Rs. 36449 coupon: LAP15
  22. HP 15-AC033TX Laptop (Core i5 (5th Gen)/4 GB DDR3L/1 TB/15.6 Inch/Windows 8.1/2 GB Graphics) Rs. 6975 Cashback Rs. 46500 coupon: LAP15
  23. HP 15-ac053TX Laptop (Core i7 (5th Gen)/8 GB DDR3L/1 TB/15.6 Inch/Windows 8.1/2 GB Graphics) Rs. 8453 Cashback Rs. 56359 coupon: LAP15
  24. Apple MacBook Pro MD101HN/A Laptop (Core i5 (3rd Gen)/4 GB DDR3/500 GB HDD/13 Inch/Mac OS X Lion) Rs. 9999 Cashback Rs. 58400 Coupon: A10K
  25. Dell Inspiron 15 3543 (X560335IN9) Laptop (Core i7 (5th Gen)/8 GB/1 TB/15.6 Inch/Windows 8.1) Rs. 9000 Cashback Rs. 62490 coupon: LAP15



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