LIFE 100 People Who Changed the World

LIFE 100 People Who Changed the World @Rs.395 from Amazon.

Religious and political leaders, artists, scientists, and adventurers are all represented in these pages – cultural icons of the greatest fame and obscurities that will surprise the reader. Albert Einstein is here, of course, and so is Madame Curie. Crucial issues of race are examined in the lives of not only Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama, but of Jesse Owens and Jackie Robinson and Muhammad Ali. Certainly Abraham Lincoln and George Washington were the indispensable men. But what of Thomas Paine, Igor Stravinsky, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Walt Disney, Rachel Carson, Steve Jobs, and Steve Wozniak? This is a book of vibrant history, and it is also a book that is fun of fun-fun facts, fun tidbits, fun arguments, fun and rarely seen pictures. It is also a smart book that will appeal to the inquisitive school kid as much as to his or her parents.



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