About Product:-
Media content sold separately. Xbox Live Gold membership
and/or additional requirements apply for some Xbox Live
features. See xbox.com/live.
1080p HD available with select media content; requires
HDMI cable, HDCP compliant 1080p display. 1080p HD
streaming and 5.1 surround sound requires minimum 4
mbps internet connection
Broadband Internet required (sold separately). Games,
add-ons, and media content sold separately. Additional
subscriptions and/or and requirements apply for some Xbo
Live features (such as Netflix). See xbox.com/Live.
Kinect voice functionality only available in supported
locales and languages. See http://support.xbox.com/
Online multiplayer requires Xbox Live Gold memberhsip
(sold separately).
Download Forza Horizon with Xbox Live. 9 GB storage
required. Download card inside.