Enjoy the best of wireless music with this philips laptop speaker from the house of Philips. This speaker as the name suggests, operates through Bluetooth technology, saving you the trouble untangling tangled wires.

philips laptop speaker

Philips laptop speaker:

The Philips SPA75/75B Soundbar has a bar-shaped body which makes it convenient and portable. It measures 246 x 32 x 53 mm in dimension, making it easy to slip into any bag. It weighs a mere 0.4 kg which does not add any strain on you while carrying. It comes in black and has a sleek design which is sure to grab attention when used.

As the name suggest, the Philips SPA75/75B Soundbar is a Bluetooth based. You can simply pair your mobile phone or laptop with the speaker and enjoy premium quality music wirelessly. You can now be at one corner of the room with your phone and keep this at another corner and enjoy your favourite music.

Besides Bluetooth, the Philips SPA75/75B Soundbar also features an Aux port which supports 3.5 mm audio jack. With this port you can directly play songs from your devices which do not have Bluetooth by simply using an auxiliary cable which comes along with the speaker.

The wireless connectivity of this home theatre speaker makes it highly convenient. You can simply connect your phone to the speaker and enjoy it at a distance. You no longer have to worry about running wires and tripping over them.

This soundbar from Phillips offers a total power output of 4 Watts which gives you a crystal clear audio experience. This media player is stereo based and lets you distinguish between left and right just as it was recorded.

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