Organize your kitchen cabinets by getting the Red Polka 31-piece Storage Set from All Time. The set features clear plastic and stackable storage boxes with red snap-on lids. It includes thirteen 125-ml boxes, five 250-ml boxes, five 400-ml boxes, four 600-ml boxes, two 250-ml boxes, and two 1,800-ml boxes. Store food without taking up space by using this set. The boxes can be used in the dishwasher, microwave, and freezer. A one stop shop for home dcor and furniture, Pepperfry sells a home product every 30 seconds.

Item Details

Brand: All Time

Microwave Safe: Yes
Capacity: 125 Ml, 250 Ml, 400 Ml, 600 Ml, 750 Ml, 1800 Ml
Freezer Safe: Yes
Material: Plastic
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Dimensions(In Inches): 125 Ml : (LxBxH)- 4x3x2, 250 Ml : (LxBxH)- 5x3x2, 400 Ml : (LxBxH)- 4x3x4, 600 Ml : (LxBxH)- 4x4x4, 750 Ml: (LxBxH)- 8x6x2, 1800 Ml: (LxBxH)- 9x6x4
Pack Content: 125 Ml- 13 Pcs, 250 Ml- 5 Pcs, 400 Ml- 5 Pcs, 600 Ml- 4 Pcs, 750 Ml- 2 Pcs, 1800 Ml- 2 Pcs