It is for those who have small apartments and smaller kitchens, fitting in a big gas stove may be a big problem. Moreover, cooking on the appliance might pose as a bigger issue due to safety get the huge discount on this best indction cooktop. So don’t wait, buy now.

best indction cooktop

Best indction cooktop:

As cooking is a time consuming process, preparing food in a small kitchen and standing by the stove till it is done, is a bit of a hassle. So if you want to cook your food faster, in a hassle free way that will not require you to stand in the kitchen for too long, an induction cooker is your best option. Therefore, in case you are on the lookout for a small induction cooker for your small kitchen, take a look at the Prestige PIC 1.0 Mini Induction Cooker at Snapdeal available at a reasonable price. This cooker, brought to you by Prestige, ensures quality. It also comes with a 12 months warranty which helps it stay in a good condition longer. There are various features that make this induction cooker a worthy buy like the fast heating function. Another feature that makes this induction cooker a must-have in your kitchen is the auto shut-off.

It so happens that at times you have to juggle multiple tasks at a time. However, if you have to stand in front of the stove for too long, you run out of time to finish other chores. This is when the easy temperature settings of the Prestige PIC 1.0 Mini Induction Cooker help. As you can set the temperature of your choice while cooking you do not have to constantly stand and monitor the food, and manually change the temperature. It also has preset buttons like heat milk and saute that help in cooking without a hassle. A timer and auto shut-off feature are also present which will help you immerse yourself in another activity while your food cooks. These features will not let your food burn.



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