MRP: Rs.449/-
Offer Price: Rs.299/-

Connectivity: wireless mouse
DPI Sensor:1600

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A superb aerodynamic design and incredibly advanced features makes the new Portronics Arrow Wireless Mouse a must buy. Offering freedom from the clutter of wires, the Arrow Wireless Mouse can be instantly connected to your desktop and Laptop with the help of a Nano USB Dongle.
With high sensor resolution and 2.4 G Wireless Technology, this Wireless USB Mouse by Portronics ensures accurate and efficient performance every time you use it. It runs on 2 AAA batteries (not included) and is compatible with Mac OS, MS Windows and also with your Android smartphones. This wireless mouse comes along with 1-year warranty.  

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Up To 1600 dpi Sensor Resolution Makes it Highly Efficient
The resolution of any mouse defines their accuracy. Portronics Arrow Wireless Mouse offers you up to 1600 dpi (dots per inch) of the resolution that adds to its multiple-usage. Usually a mouse offers only 400 to 800 (dpi) of the resolution but with 1600 dpi of the resolution, the new Arrow Wireless USB Mouse supports you in playing electronic games as well and that too with perfect accuracy and optimum efficiency.  The dpi of the mouse can be easily adjusted according to your need. You can adjust it either to 800 dpi or to 1200 dpi or to 1600 dpi.

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Nano Dongle Keeps the Mouse Connected Round the Clock
Portronics Arrow Wireless Mouse establishes the connection using a Nano Dongle that comes along with it. You can insert the Nano USB Dongle to the USB port of your Laptop or Desktop. Incorporating the 2.4 G Wireless Technology, the Wireless USB Mouse remains connected round the clock. It keeps the Mouse free from the interferences with other wireless devices.  

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Highly Compatible
Portronics Arrow Wireless Mouse is well compatible with Mac OS and all the popular MS Windows (including MS Windows 8). Besides, if your Android smartphone supports the OTG cable, you can easily connect your smartphone with this mouse. Connect the OTG cable to your phone and further connect the Nano Receiver with the USB port of the cable.

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High Flow Design Offers Enhanced Comfort
Portronics Arrow Wireless Mouse has been designed with a high-flow design that offers enhanced comfort. This wireless Mouse has been successfully tested for approximately 3 million button lifts and therefore, assures you a durable and long term service. Its ergonomic design and the V-shape makes the Mouse fit into your hands easily and offer you utmost comfort even when working for longer hours.

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