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The Third Eye (Book 1)
To save her village Tara must find her missing mother and her grandfather, the true healer, who fled the village a year ago. But along the way she must enlist the help of the god Ganesh and the lord of death, Yama, or, like others before her, fall victim to Zarku’s third eye.

The Silver Anklet (Book 2)
When hyenas snatch Tara’s brother and two other children from the local fair in Morni, she discovers that Zarku, her nemesis with the third eye, is back and intent on revenge. Can she once again defeat him and save her brother, armed only with belief in herself and a silver anklet?

The Deadly Conch (Book 3)
When the spirit of Tara’s dead stepmother, Kali, seeks revenge through her daughter, Layla, Tara turns to Lord Yama and his deadly conch for help. He takes her to the Underworld to seek advice—but when she returns, she has only twenty-four hours to prove her innocence and to save the village before she must go back to the World of the Dead. Forever.